dannon (pellazthetigron) wrote in yogies,

Hi, I'm new here

Hi, I'm new to this community, but not that new to yoga.
I've been doing it for a couple years now.
I just have a question that I'd like to surface with more
experienced yogis. . .
I've heard about the growing cardio workout of Yoga Dance.
I've even seen some dvds on it. I was just wondering if I
did that, would it ruin my yoga practice, or take away
the ancient wisdom it gives to me?
Yoga Dance seems a little new age. Is it? Can anyone please
help me? Thank you.
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Maybe you and I should both try yogadance and then have a conversation. I have been interested and it actually came to my town but also I am into this rotely defined path of study of Triyoga and it's really fulfilling to the body and never has to make anything sore (unless I up the level and you don't have to with TY to get the full benefits of workout+ meditative level) so not wanting to forsake Triyoga by starting out some other yoga activity because it might mess up my study -so I have held back my desire to try yogadance. But if I tried it 'with' someone else meaning we'd talk about our experiences and basically with the mindset of learning it could be an experience worthwhile for the benefit of interactive learning and so not upset either of our practices but round them out? Let me know what you think,